Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another step through one's own lifetime.

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Trying to think of a title for a birthday post but had to make do on account of brevity for this blog entry writing session.

This birthday would be just as different as my previous birthdays in some ways. This year is different because I'm in a different place away from home, family and friends. But in spite of that I live in new home with another family and going about looking for new friends as time and money would allow.

The day before my birthday was pretty okay since my days off from work this weeks covered the day before my birthday and my birthday proper, which I consider it to be a very fortuitous thing without having to encounter a banal birthday. Having a restful birthday is pretty relaxing without the tension and stress from a work-filled one given the job I currently got started in here in Hawaii. I got to check out a used bookstore here and found its section for RPG books as ecletic but worth a dig through. I was able to acquire Necessary Evil for Savage Worlds RPG and R. Talsorian's take of Champions in Champions New Millenium. Pity though I didn't have much cash on hand to buy more books but had to plan for the future purchases soon.

Don't have much else to write for this entry since my sis is going to use the computer.

Its just good to be still living in a way I know how but its still an ongoing journey. Happy Birthday to me. :)

writer's note: Due to 3 hour differential between Hawaii and West Coast US, my actual birthday is on Nov 27 and not 28 as shown on the entry's date. Another reason was because my sis was checking a lot of stuff on her computer which I'm usual. Still a long ways off to getting my computer.

Friday, November 16, 2007

College reading rating

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Wow. Never thought my blog would rate such a reading level equivalent. :) It was a fun item I picked up on RPG.NET forum on this thread. The thread lead me to this site. The page's function was crazily tested on a particular blog written by Rebecca Borgstrom, writer of Nobilis RPG fame and a number of sourcebooks for White Wolf's Exalted and others. I leave it at your risk to try and have your blog rated through that site. Some of the results I tested with some blogs of friends I know turns out with mixed results. The rationale or logic behind its evaluation is something to decipher if one wants to outwit. Sometimes it might quite an admission to what your intellectual level is in writing would be while others would see it as a wakeup call. Anyways, keep on writing!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Musing over what Ninja Turtles eat...

A rather unexpected culinary revelation for me that I found and realized after having a very good lunch with a slice of something familiar. It is the staple food that Ninja Turtles eat: Pizza.

I came upon this on tasting a slice of pizza from CostCo, a warehouse club, which just happens to within the vicinity of where my latest job interview was conducted. The interview went well and its just a matter of contacting the person back as to my schedule availability while I attend to some paperwork and training with another job that I was accepted a day before. Now onto the pizza. I was surprised and amazed how fresh the pizza is after the order was filled and served. It was piping hot, the cheese has a generous share of mozarella in its mix and the crust at the outer edge was not hard like over toasted crusty bread but crunchy on the outside yet soft in the inside.

This observation eluded me for some time since I have experienced this on more than one occasion before months ago and years ago back in the Philippines. The common thing? The best tasting pizzas are usually made at a warehouse club location with their in-house kitchen and staff.

I would rate those warehouse club pizzas as pretty good, on par or occasionally better with New York Style Pizzas that's the rage in some popular pizza place franchises back in the Philippines.

I would also say that having pizza should be an occasional indulgence and not one to go for as an every meal aspect for a diet given how heavy in calories that they are.
So whenever you go to a warehouse club by yourself or with friends or family, make it a point to note the pizza they sell there. Who knows, it might be worth the effort to have a slice after going through the shopping at the warehouse club premises. Happy eating! :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Snapshot of my Blog's thoughts

This is what the stream of words/thoughts which comprise my blog so far. Found the trail to making it from seeing it on another blog with a source link to point me to here. I'll post more stuff soon. When I get to organize my thoughts and have dinner before then. :)