Thursday, June 23, 2005

This blog writer is currently a bed potato

Not much stuff turned out this days. I would technically be called a couch potato but since I do most of my reading and TV viewing from my bed, hence bed potato.

With economic units close to nil in a few days, I would have to mosey back to the office in Makati to do the final paperwork and signature chasing to properly close this chapter with my former employer.

After recovering some economic units from former employer, I can proceed further on to other things like looking for another job.

I'm getting stray thoughts in my head which is an unconscious prompt for me to go on with the campaign building I needed to do for the RPG campaign I want to get back into the GM chair.

I'll just go about doing my bed potato routine for the meantime and attend to the closure matter with employer by start of the next week. Hopefully I can get started with my RPG campaign.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Batman Rebooted

Just got to watch "Batman Begins" yesterday afternoon and I was pretty much satisfied how this treatment is done with this movie franchise. After the impressive Batman and Batman Returns and the downhill camp of Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, this installment has very much redeemed it from the Schumacher driven wrecks which were the campy movies.

Batman Begins picks itself back by reinventing the development story of how Batman became what the masked vigilante that he is. The slight change in this development is that immortal mastermind Ra's Al Ghul is instrumental in the shaping and training of the idealistic Bruce Wayne into becoming one of his lieutenants for his League of Shadows. The training part of the movie owes much of its concepts from the Japanese Ninjas as to matter of stealth, deception and misdirection. Those aforementioned matters are the hallmarks of the Ninja which is very much the primary weapon in their arsenal besides the ninja-to swords, kunai throwing spikes, shuriken and shaken (pronounced as "shah-ken" and not how James Bond likes his martinis done) throwing stars which has been romanticized in movies, manga and anime. The cool sword-catcher forearm guards are standard gear for League of Shadows warriors that later became integral with Batman's suit construction.

Some scenes where it shows Bruce going through the period of grief and the lessons he learns of fear and the power granted by it with his encounter with Carmine Falcone. For the astute fans of the comics, the movie's scripting is derived from elements from the graphic novels "The Long Halloween" and "Dark Victory" as well as elements from Batman: Year One. The only thing that didn't make the entire thing as a pure Year One story is that Ra's Al Ghul and Scarecrow were involved in with a plot to turn Gotham City into a drug-induced madhouse as part of Ra's Al Ghul's idea of resetting the balance and harmony for the city since the botched plot the League of Shadows did to Gotham City via economic warfare and manipulation.

As a reinvented origin story, we get to see that majority of the starting gear Batman acquired were actually all disused prototypes created by Wayne Enterprises from its many research contracts with military and non-military applications. Batsuit was from a prototype body armor suit using a mix of Kevlar and Nomex. The cape was an ingenious touch using advances in materials tech called memory materials which is currently developed so far with metals and plastics. The Batmobile was something entirely different. Initially outcry when pics of this Batmobile was release, it was decried more as an heavier armored version of a HUMVEE. I would agree it more that it was a fusion of a stealth fighter with a HUMVEE in this case. It is a monster car that is the prototype for the later Batmobiles if things progress further from this reboot movie.

Toy factor out of the way, the baddie department is to be mentioned. The familiar names for comic geeks would be Carmine Falcone, Joe Chill (The pre-chemical accident Joker), Mr. Zsasz, Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul. The Scarecrow played by Cillian Murphy is a creepy performance, especially when the fear gas effects get introduced. Of course with Cillian Murphy playing as Dr. Crane, it makes me think of Johnny Depp after watching the trailer for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory trailer prior to Batman Begins. The fear hallucination sequences may not be for the faint of heart and young kids since it can be unsettling and in-your-face as to the intensity of it. Ra's Al Ghul is pretty much an idealistic mastermind with his twisted sense of justice and logic when it comes to the affairs of human civilization.

Given mention of Year One, Batman starts to establish his working relationship with then Sergeant Gordon played by Gary Oldman. A scene similiar from the Year One arc of the Batman comics was shown, though without an armed SWAT team hounding the then capeless and cowlless Batman at that time.

The movie's focussing thread is very much about fear in terms of its power as to being its user and its victim. The movie doesn't deviate much from its intention regarding Batman's origin and the matter of fear being instrumental in shaping Batman as the fearsome icon he is known for.

I could go on and on regarding a number of other things about the movie, but to be concise at this point I would say this: Its a must-see movie.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Unexpected delays since the expected freetime I'm supposed to have at my leisure is pretty much interrupted since my niece has her schooling start by this coming Monday and this week's Monday.

Looks like the increasing costs for education is what cutting the number of students per section in school, therefore a delay due to restructuring in this case with my niece. So my niece has an extra week to her vacation before school starts.

Her presence alone is enough to remove my privacy privileges without work anymore validating for it since my resignation. Another is that my niece is tying comp usage since she does this constant online research to Taiwanese boy band 5566.

This constant round of research to download all facts, pics and sounds of this group is the major obstacle for any major effort for me to do creative stuff like research for my upcoming RPG campaign and blog updates.

All that stuff she's doing is gradually filling up the hard disk space with her stuff, that CD backup would be the order of the day soon enough to free available besides my own data backup concerns.

I'll have to buy some more blank CDs to offload audio CD images I made and proceed with the archival backups.

More to follow soonest.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Just left the modern age slave pits

As of June 3, I'm no longer a harassed call center drone at a call center. No more being shackled by a timer. No more 1/2 hour lunches as of the past 3 weeks. Sense of creativity and expression coming back. No more stress as to concerns of people halfway across the world. No more threats directed to my person over the phone. I'm pretty much free from all those things and more.

I have left the call center and wouldn't want any more involvement with it as much as possible.

The next thing I would be doing is getting back to creative and leisurely things at the interrim while looking for a new job. The search for a new job will not be easy as I have noticed now but search I will.

I'll get back to unwinding for the meantime now.