Sunday, August 27, 2006

Infiltration of Idols Insidious

Just putting a link here regarding what would happen when idol fads goes to far. What if these idoru turn out more than just a fad or fabrication of a corporation to hook in consumers to buy product? Scary thought if it turns out to be a sentient meme of sorts that would be the stuff in Marvel Boy or Global Frequency. Go here and click on Super Idol, which is written by Global Frequency and Authority scribe Warren Ellis. Hope the thought doesn't scare you in the long run with the pace of technology. Makes Gibson's Idoru a whole lot scarier from a different angle.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Crazy mix

The idea mixer going off in my head after doing some research surfing since sometimes a thought would niggle around in my head until it needs to get out. This is almost synonymous to having a song playing in your head or you're familiar with a question that the answer eludes until you get it to manifest around past midnight. Its like one of those times.

The idea mix in this case was partially attributed to my last post about the "nanomachines enhance joe schmoe" concept. That idea got further expanded since I chanced on remembering a trailer for an anime in one of my old NewType USA sampler DVDs which happens to Zaion: If you were here with me made gorgeously by Gonzo, of Blue Sub 6 fame.

Whatever scant details I dug up regarding Zaion, the NOA, Nano Osmolar Armor, was just the ticket though the purpose of it in the anime brought in the added matter about biohazard threats of extra-terrestrial origin. That incidental thread reminding me anew about the old j-horror movie made PS1 game franchise Parasite Eve. Parasite Eve 1 and 2 were pretty great games as far as a single individual dealing with mutant creatures spawned from the very powerplants of our cells, mitochondria. Interesting twist that the mitochondria would actually be a lifeform unto itself and they rebelled in spades after biding their time in the evolution scale of things. Also throw in my recent reading of Singularity 7 which involves nanopunk setting with a Matrix like vibe sans the Matrix proper.

These thought items makes me think of mashing together a bionanopunk setting that would showcase the fight between mankind and the horrors of biogenetic research as well as nanotech. The protagonists would be like Mary Sue types with blend of biotech and nanotech to be the defenders of humanity against the threat of rogue tech. That's just off the top my head.

Just another thought transmission to burst transmit out. Next time.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Blogwriting lapse entry for July? My thought processes got stuck in a distraction loop for some reason. The other reason is that my mind can get affected by the conditions of body as if the reverse of cause and effect of the mind to the body like what the term psycho-somatic means but in reverse.

The last week of July was pretty much a time for me to heal up from a recent outbreak of skin infection on my person that is compounded by excessive skin flaking. Its an unpretty sight but not on the level of being viewed as repulsive like a George Romero zombie or something.

Other concerns were my recent download activities with filesharing protocols Limewire and Bittorrent. I've been downloading comic book scans and PDFs pertaining mostly to particular RPGs, old and new. Effectively my digital archive and library is in constant flux for additions and subsequent transfer to CD-ROMs.

As to my recent skin emergency, it became a crazy idea gestating in my mind for a superhero or sci-fi idea about an unfortunate shmoe who is down on his luck and has his own problems that somehow stumbles upon and uses a nanotech solution . He thinks it to be some newfangled skin medication treatment and later discovers it to imbue with powers that is attributed to his recently treated skin. I was still thinking the angles whether it be in the usual superspy tradition like Jake 2.0, standard superhero of anime/manga level or plain hitech hijinks and destruction like Metal Skin Madox-01 anime of the late 80's. Also trying to figure out the extent of the so-called nanoskin abilities and a catchy codename for him. Another project idea to go into the backburner soon unless it gets implemented with something accesible like a superhero rpg campaign or something.

That's it from my latest blog burst transmission. Next time. Signing off.