Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dataflow Interrupted

Had to make this post to note this posterity and such. I had to make this entry outside my home on account of recent events which I will detail.

An earthquake hit Taiwan Dec 26. To the unaware users of the internet here in the Philippines, the effect wasn't feel until recently. The slowdown and occasional halt of data flow on the network was felt. The submarine cables that connect between Taiwan and the Philippines have been damaged due to earlier mentioned earthquake. The disruption created a major inconvenience to us internet-dependent people. It affected all business operations that depends on the information network which is now severed. Some call centers would have their call volume reassigned back to US centers or to other Asia based call centers like India and such.

At present dataflow on my ISP is intermittent at best witd speeds below dialup. It became much frustrating for download junkie like me.

The worst news is the wait for full repair and restoration of these broken cables in spite round the clock repair detail promised by the telecom companies involved. Estimates from them would be best at two weeks or more than 3 weeks, depending on the depth of the cable sections that needs to be repaired.

What a way to cap and note the year 2006. First its being in the dark ages for more than 3 days due to storm Milenyo and now a data blackout thanks to an earthquake in Taiwan. Signs of the end times? I dunno. Familiar scenarios for fictional disasters and circumstances. Yes.

I'll prolly do some more guerilla posting until dataflow is restored, that would be around middle to late January of 2007. What a way to end the year 2006 and a start for the year 2007. :(

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Seasons Greetings!!!

Just putting in the seasonal greetings on this post. Merry Christmas to all and be safe for New Year's Eve.

Hopefully more output to follow after this one soonest.