Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mixed up post of an update

Blog updates have hit some snags in terms of time element and opportunity. Time on account of work and the major downtime after work in the form of sleep and the usual banal routines. As to opportunity, my niece is the one I have to go around since she uses the P3 (Which I tentatively named "Lady Vectra" since Late February on account of "her" restored status. A story idea I was toying around weeks ago.) in my room as her current gaming platform of choice since she got hooked on this MMORPG called Tantra. My god, I never thought kids nowadays play online computer games and be swept on the allure and vogue of the game which draws in young kids, teens and adults who have the time, resources and internet time to do so, whether by hook or crook.

As to the friendship update, things have started to mend on that front. It started off by a series of email correspondence to open the way, a cell phone call and finally two phone calls and a visit to his place. Things are rolling again but its tempered as well as renewed by some updates and insights during the incommunicado period. My niece is very happy for the mending of the friendship.


My usual weekend entails an expedition to Makati Cinema Square or the area in FTI for some DVD finds. But as of the past two weeks, the finds and picks have rather become slim. The selections were limited and in short supply since I heard some buzz by the sellers of the pirated media is that the OMB (Optical Media Board), the zealous arm of the Media Regulatory Board, have been conducting numerous raids on major supply points and location in the Manila area. The raids have pretty much reduced the opportunities for me to get any movies I favor. The worst part is that the zealousness of the OMB also covers their domain for bootleg PS2 game discs and PC software CDs. Talk about collateral product casualties. My niece was pretty much upset that if they stamp out purchase to very affordable and accessible PS2 games, we would have to shell out thousands to purchase a single original PS2 game disc or PC game. I was entertaining the thought in regards to the agenda of the OMB, as they are publicly known for, they're out to stem the tide of pirated movies and music which they were first created for and not to be granted extra powers to cover software. The other public known but downplayed agenda is to stop the spread of porn. With them stopping the access to porn, its just going to add more sex offenders and sex-related crimes since the OMB have pretty much removed a medium which can divert the attentions of sexually-frustrated people to doing harm to other people or themselves. The stamping out of porn also reminded me of the movie Equilibrium starring Christian Bale, wherein a future society bans expression of emotions and the acquisition of material objects which can evoke emotional responses due to memory association. If the US has the Department of Homeland Security, I would just call what the Philippines has in a way called the Department of Homeland Morality. Not exactly the Tetragrammaton from Equilibrium for sure, but it seems to be like any so-called Morality and Decency Authority which has been done in many incarnations in fiction. The idea of such an organization would something to tinker or consider as a faction of note in some future projects for certain or something I pipeline over to the Twilight Empires universe as some radical splinter faction.

I have been pretty irked the past few mall/shopping center visits that you can't find a convenient trash receptacle ever since the recent bus bombing that happened on Feb 14 in Makati. Finding no trash receptacle leaves holding the bag until you can dispose of it at home or by illegal dumping. Damn terrorists always like to put a damper on things as far as the regular flow of routine goes. *Pushes a button on his desk, several low-yield antimatter charges teleported to various terrorist cell locations and detonate on arrival. Subsequently, network of satellites equipped with VORPAL cannons fire down from orbit on other locations for good measure.*


Given how my work saps my strength and creative energy, opportunity times also gets to be very scarce. I will have to put in a post which happens to have a contribution by suggestion from someone I will call "H.M.Garou" who happens to own the Belly-Up Dog Bar a ways south from this doghouse. More next time.

Monday, March 14, 2005

State of The Leading Edge Art Superhero

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Deadliest Dog of War.... ^_^


You are The Midnighter. The Midnighter was a secret product of the labs of Henry Bendix, part of his Stormwatch "Academy" program, the members of whom were duped into becoming Bendix's personal Stormwatch team. One of many individuals given superpowers by that ruthless personage, he lost his original identity in the process. He was transformed into "Night's Bringer of War", a living weapon designed to "hit thing's until they don't work anymore. The Midnighter automatically analyses every situation he is in as a combat scenario, his computerised senses instantaneously checking out multiple battle strategies until he has located the best one to win the fight at minimal effort. To aid him in the actual fight he has heightened reflexes and strength, and a superb knowledge of most forms of combat.

What Gritty No Nonsense Comic Book Character are You?
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Out of the Labs...

Blogwriters Note: This post was inspired from the occasional round of frustration with some things and those occasions of annoyance. This blogwriter feels the need to have a metaphoric item to use for the express purpose of venting. This item was inspired from another blogwriter.

*A canine humanoid wearing a lab coat with protective facemask and visor steps out of the doghouse.*

Its already finished. Hehehehe... This little beauty would do the job as far as stress relief is concerned.

*Holds out what appears a more sleeker and more slick-looking phaser rifle used in the later Star Trek movies, the updated type III variety though colored black with some silver highlight or trim.*

Out of Doghouse Labs, the VORPAL rifle is ready. The Variable Output Radiation Phase Alternating Linear Rifle is an advanced energy weapon which can used for discrete or not-so-discrete destruction of objects and people which draws the ire of his dogginess, me. *Wicked glint flashes from behind the dark visor*

This weapon's projection can be set with narrow focus... *Fires a narrow cutting plane of a beam at a nearby empty can, sheering the top off cleanly* ...to wide disperal *Shoots a wide shot which carves a hole in a nearby wall.*.

This sucker can also molecular disrupt a target like a disintegrator. *Zaps a nearby pile of garbage and cool, disruptor, disintegrator effect engulf the garbage like the way its done most Star Trek phaser settings go.

This weapon can also function as a neural agitator at lower levels to neural disruption at full power. *Zaps a hapless mook passing by the periphery of doghouse. Said mook now on the ground, spasming uncontrollably. Worse than an epileptic with grand mal seizure.*

Hehehehe... Now I have this to use on any object or person of my displeasure. *Menacing laugh followed by a dog's howl. The canine humanoid walks back into the doghouse, happy with his new toy.

News items of recent notice...

Just noticed these two news items while checking out IMDB.com:

Boy George Slams 'Queer Eye'

English pop star Boy George has launched a scathing attack on makeover TV show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, telling the gay hosts to "leave straight people alone". The former Culture Club singer is unimpressed with the American program's various gurus - Kyan Douglas, Ted Allen, Jai Rodriguez, Thom Filicia and Carson Kressley. George says, "My life is about much more than what my cushions are like or what theatre show I should go to. It's really poncey. I just think that they should leave straight people alone, they look fine."

Bambi Revealed! He's an Ex-Marine!

After more than 60 years, Donald Roan Dunagan has revealed that he was the facial model and the voice of Walt Disney's Bambi. Dunagan, who was seven years old when he was hired by Disney -- and who agreed to appear in the "extras" package of the current DVD "Platinum Edition" of Bambi -- has told the Florence, AL Times Daily that he kept his role secret in order to maintain his image as a career officer in the U.S Marine Corps. "I would not have made it [in the military] ... with the nickname Bambi. I would have been history. I told myself back then, 'Dunagan, that's long ago. Nobody knows. Nobody needs to know Nobody probably even cares -- so just keep it to yourself.'" Dunagan also told the newspaper that he became an accomplished shooter during his military career. "I was often invited to go on hunting trips in Montana or the Dakotas," he says. "Most often it was deer -- and I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it. I've done a lot of shooting, but I've never shot an animal -- not one."