Thursday, March 30, 2006

Long delayed update...

or I've become an acolyte of Sid

Sid as in the character from Ice Age 1 and 2. A Sloth. I am definitely professional house potato here.

Soaking my feet here in a bucketfull of a warm-mix of H20 and dissolved Potassium Permanganate crystals. Its a good antiseptic solution to soak when one has perennial problems with dry skin and wounds, like in my case. This was done here as of 12:30AM, this is when my mom and niece are asleep to avoid any notice from either of them.

Just noticed enough from my neighbor's blog of their recent updates and noticed little addition to mine, so I got the chance to do this now.


My online time is seriously curtailed to graveyard shift times like in a call center for my niece's summer is official open. The update in lieu to my niece is that she just graduated from Grade School recently last Saturday. She was glad that her father showed up to watch the proceedings, hand her the long-delayed gift of a PS2 memory card to her , snap a few pics with her and then some chat with my dad. Lunch after the ceremony was great, a lunch at Don Henrico's in Festival Mall since my niece picked up some discount coupons to use it at and it was a loooooong time since we ate or ordered there. The lunch ended up with some take home stuff in doggie bag mode since we couldn't finish the pizza and the spaghetti my niece ordered. The leftovers served itself well for later meals.

Sidetracks and Delays

Most of my daylight hours are focussed on the routines of eating, playing some PS2 game, reading, watching TV and/or sleeping. The evening hours are where I do most of my net forays since my niece hogs up most of the daylight time until 11pm. Most recent games in the play cue are MS Saga and unexpected Silent Hill 4: The Room. Recently finished Black a few weeks ago. Black was an intense firefight of a game. Other preoccupations of late are maintaining and perusing downloads through file-sharing programs. I get some interesting or worthwhile files from those downloads.

That's it for this post. I better get more stuff into this blog when I have the chance, which I'm afraid are far and few of late. Next time.