Monday, February 11, 2008

Starting with a fresh new deck.


I'm very excited with the latest installment of the shared superhero world of Wild Cards editted by George R.R. Martin. Its a so-called "mosaic novel" which started from 1987 until the present with the latest offering, "Inside Straight".

"Inside Straight" deals with a new generation of Wild Cards, people gifted with abilities from the alien Takisian Wild Card virus in 1946 which spawned the 1st generation of Wild Cards which are either called Aces, gifted with powers beyond human while retaining human appearance or Jokers, gifted with either useless powers or distorted into mockeries of what they were. The current novel would be focussing on the latest generation of Wild Cards who have entered a reality TV show hosted and judged by earlier generation Aces like Peregrine. The name of the show is American Hero. The info about the characters in the novel and its meta-reality show is located here.

I'm too giddy and hyped about this book but I'll wait it out until its in paperback format. :D

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Belated Blog Anniversary

After checking my friend Carl's blog, I just realized I forgot to commemorate the 4th year of my blog. I am rather surprised that I've been able to plug away enough posts to keep this one alive. Other personal blogs would just be at the floundering stage to comatose after a couple of posts. It's a good run so far for 4 years to cover a range of topics from movies, books to matters personal.
Matters of real life, in other words, work have kept me quite aways from doing more blogposting since I arrive home from work by around 8pm and then turn in by 10pm and one other consideration is that I'm using my sister's computer which can be occupied or relegated to her when the need arises.
I'll be blogging away still as I'm still capable of blogging. Just a late anniversary announcement this blog. I'll keep on blogging readers. Have a good day. :)