Friday, November 19, 2004

Status Check

Hmmmmm...Looks things are back to normal here for the doghouse. The tagboard on the blog was offline for like two weeks or so. But it is now working fine. *Yay!* :)

Had been busy the past few weeks of training for the call center job I'm in. It is comforting to know of being good company with people you've been training with the past few weeks. After 3 more weeks of going on trial run of sorts, we'll be seperated according to shift schedules and such.

Appears that everyone I know would be busy with their own thing and all. Me with my soon-to-be-active job and the occasional fishing for ideas to transcribe or percolate.

I'm pretty behind my creative game so to say given the demands of a call center job and the attending required rest period brought about by work and shifting schedules. On top of that would be the distractions to divert my thoughts away from the stress and emotional leakage brought about with the job.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Transmission Pending

Just surfed a bit while being trained on my current call center job. Did some surfing with regards to The Authority which landed me to look up Planetary and then the mention of some news to Global Frequency. The news was surprising.

There was a lot of talk and plans for a TV series for Global Frequency. Even after a 12-issue run, the series is quite amazing to say the least and more so now that it was able to survive into being produced into a pilot episode. The sad part is that WB passed up on this project. Hopefully a network would pick it up and make it a good and proper series based on the groundwork laid by the comic and the impressive results of the pilot.

News of this is located here: