Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This dog turned 36 two days ago

As indicated in the title, just recently 36 this recent Monday. My birthday was celebrated in not the usual quiet style that I'm accustomed to. I decided to have done with some friends invited over to my place for some food, softdrink and conversation plus whatever show and tell items my room has to offer besides the internet on this computer. Another added item into that day's agenda is just winding me up to attempt to get back in GMing by doing an interactive storyteller thing which I experienced myself about 2 years ago by my estimate. The incident was covered here to better illustrate this.

The world setup I did for this one involves my recent mental digestion of Warren Ellis comics, especially Authority and his run on Stormwatch plus other works he wrote on, watching episodes of The 4400 and Odyssey 5 on DVD. The two participants in this one involves them being veterans of a worldwide peacekeeping group based in an orbital base. Of course, this setup is awfully familiar unless you're way out of touch with comics. Anyways, the set-up I did for that late night was we had to establish the characters in terms of their origin stories. They was long delay on account of Rico not coming up with a decent codename to work with in the concept of the character handed to him. My friend Ferdie was very much comfortable with the character he got since we talked it over before then. Rico was pretty much a way inactive gamer so it was more difficult to figure him out. After the origin stories were done, we proceeded directly to the next scene. It involves their orbital base being invaded and majority of the personnel were either killed or escaped. The team where Velociter (Ferdie's char) and Wetware (Rico's character though the codename is a placeholder until further update) are pretty much getting ready to scuttle the base with the help of fellow team member Technarch (I am of course, considering a different name since I pulled that out on the fly.)and Twilighter. They got to the escape deck and made it off the failing structure. After getting away from the base, they orbitted Earth to head down when suddenly the Earth imploded. Faced with a grim dilemma, Velociter recalled about a moon base and conferred this Technarch and he confirms for him. They head over to the moon base and upon setting up an approach pass from orbit, the moon base was also devastated by a unknown device. Now faced with zero possible to go and having a limited oxygen supply, they decided to link up with the other escape module that went ahead of them. They linked up with it and found it to be occupied with the other team members, Chronologer, Quatica and Ergon. Ergon and Quatica were injured and placed in stasis fields by Chronologer's power. The team reunited waited it out until the air ran out. What felt like an eternity to them was suddenly interrupted by a bright white light and a rumbling vibration. The docked modules got dragged into an unknown vessel and was brought aboard. Velociter and Technarch exitted the module to check where they are. They were soon greeted by a being called a Seeker and they discussed as to the events that transpired. The Seeker elaborated that its purpose is to seek civilizations to interact but by the time he arrives into the system, he finds the planet destroyed by some unknown hand. Given the great fortune of encountering survivors of Earth through them, he offered them the option of sending them back in time by around 5 years to rectify the events that would possibly lead to Earth's destruction. The session got cut short due to lack of time. Me and the guys would have to schedule another session to continue with the story. I'm still deciding further on either revising some of the names and working their concepts further with some collaboration.

That was basically that happened on my birthday. It turned out okay and I hope to see more like it in the future. :)