Monday, February 02, 2009

A moneyless society (I want my Whuffie!!!)

All this talk of money being the root of all evil and other absolutes to this reality pretty much pisses me off in frustration given how this world currently works in the so-called Economy 1.0 mode. Maybe a few more years or a generation more we would be living under a different economic model without it being pronounced as communist. The currently economy model is driven by resource scarcity. Science fiction have explored a number of models for a moneyless society. The main point would be the release from scarce resources or a post-scarcity since resources would be now renewable and the release of information would be open.
One such concept would be the Whuffie. The ephemera about it would be contained in the enclosed link I placed above. It would basically have a karmic stance on it since in spite the amount of whuffie one has, equality in its gain or removal is proven. This example also alleviates the economic divide and poverty granted that resources is open and non-scarce.
Just a musing about socio-economics. Off to the salt mines anew.