Sunday, June 11, 2006

Uber extensions of one's self

Puttered around the web and discovered the idea or concept of a Mary Sue character. The history and etymology of this character archetype/label is located here.

Simply put, its one of the occasional or all-too-guilty foible of aspiring or moonlighting writers. I'm guilty to admit in that category after trying to gauge a character I used in a friend's superhero RPG in college. I found out that realization in quick order after trying this test. As I gather enough hanging around with the creative circle of my friend Vin, the stories which can double as the vehicles to showcase such a character would be a masturbatory exercise in creative writing or self-indulgent exercise for one's ego.

It was a denial trap of moebius loop repetition for some creative that they find hard to break, myself included. Luckily, I have to re-examine some aspect of a character and attempt to rework/rebuild from the ground-up. If we're talking in some pseudo-technical or techno-babbling, its a matter of pulling out and replacing redundant/defective modules and installing new ones to fill the gaps or repair the faulty components after running it through a high-level diagnostic. Hehehe..Some geekery get its place here. ^_^

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A less serious post....

Apologies for that last post. Had to vent somehow on that spur of the moment. It got to me bigtime given its import to a bookhound like me. Anyways, here's a something more lighthearted to balance the scales.

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Vibro Centurion
Your Superpower is Gadgets
Your Weakness is Itching
Your Weapon is Your Grenade Launcher
Your Mode of Transportation is Seahorse

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What a waste...

Just got a call from my sister yesterday. Weeks before that, my sister contacted me with regards to her some business she's attending to in Washington State, hence the sidemission of locating any stuff of mine at my cousin's mother-in-law's (future brevity: Tita A.) place in Seattle area. I had to draft up the list of books I left there which I tried to recall in memory. My sis got there and she went through the boxes at Tita A.'s relocated place. The initial finds by my sis were encouraging but noticed an obvious discrepancy that some books on the list were never found. I was starting to get worried. My sister calls again this morning and informs me that there is no other books to be found in the house. That last bit was the most obvious signal to say, "They're gone". I had to explain to my mom and my sister about the circumstances regarding those books. The books were all assembled and placed into a box prior to my departure that night and my cousin was tasked to repack the stuff into more manageable boxes and packing format and sent my way. As in any other sarcastic line: "In (Insert name of person or diety)'s perfect world", usually in depreciated tones. My cousin was too busy to go about the repacking since he was attending to business in another state. Within the 3 years, the box of stuff got moved when Tita A. had to move after she sold the house she's previously living due to cost-cutting measures. It was a bad case of lost in the shuffle in this case. My mom and my sister says that consider those missing books lost. My bro posed the possibility which I somehow was calmly accepting possibly on the basis of hope riding on its retrieval. Well the reality hit home and IT SUCKS royally. I have accumulated about close to 60 books during my stay there and to show for it was that half of those books were recovered and the remaining 50 are considered as lost? WTF!!!! When the topic of it to be considered lost was discussed now and moreso my mom was saying that its would be expensive to ship them here and more ill-advised to have them stay at my sister's place. My mom was saying about the obsolescence of books and moreso the poor organization and foresight on my part prior to my departure from Seattle. The way this is going is that in the American lifestyle now: acquire quick, dispose quick, nothing is permanent even where you live. This is the transient think of living. It makes things more expendable, forgettable since the value in it is lost because of the transient think. It means that next time I go there, I would have to curtail all future book spending and any other major, expensive acquisitions and just go with cheap thrills and entertainment or basically live under a rock with limited to zero activity for recreation and creativity. I was pretty pissed about losing those other 50 books. Majority of those 50 are possibly out of print and no longer to be found except E-bay. My day is starting to suck at this point due to this bit of news. Such a waste, it also goes to say about how living goes or the value of existence is too. GRRRRRRRRR...