Friday, September 29, 2006

This month's entry

God, I'm really on the slack end of my blogging duties. I must do something about it soonest to get this blogwriting gig back on track as well some other things. On to the updates and the month's highlights.

Still going through the lengthy road to the maintenance and health of my skin. Which is more uphill now. More like 3 steps forward, 1 step back as opposed to the 2 step forward, 1 step back from last month.

Visited the proprietor of the Belly-Up Dog Bar. Had a brief round of talking and brainstorm as well as rummaging and downloading of CD archives for files. It was an enlightening trip watching the documentary clip in the 2nd Ultimate Avengers movie on DVD. My friend Ferdie was amazed and enthralled with the creative flow described by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. It was a surprise to note Mark Millar being Scottish for that matter. Also to add that most talented artists in American Comics industry especially the good ones are more healthy looking (ie more rounded, portly looking ;) ) as to the more thinner varieties like Jim Lee or Rob Liefeld.

Few days shortly after that visit, watched DOA (Dead Or Alive)movie, another videogame to movie to date this year as far as I recall. Its a definite check your brain at the door kind of movie since logic is not a prerequisite in viewing it. Its a definite babefest with martial arts and wirefu for the course in this one. The ultimate weapon described in this movie is pretty much condensed into a set of high-tech glasses which I would described to be Midnighter's Fight Computer in specs format. It has the drawback of easy to remove as per superhero rpg parlance.

The end of this month was summed up as living for 2 days and 2 nights in misery aka the Dark Times due to the storm that hit this country. Strong winds pushing down trees, utility poles and billboards which leaves this country littered with a lot debris and broken stuff. It was no picnic to have no electricity and running water to be in the dark, sweating like a pig and have no entertainment options. Bucket brigade, fridge cleaning and candles are the order of the day that time. Major suckage and I hope it will not be a repeat soon by Monday since another storm is heading our way according to the weather people.

That's it for the meantime. Need to pick up the pace soon, since October is edging in real soon.