Saturday, December 15, 2007

Newly Converted Pod Person

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Yes, yes, I have recently joined the ranks of people who now owns and uses the Ipod. In my case, I bought the latest 6th Generation Ipod Classic, the 80 Gig version. I decided on getting it since its one of my established goals I set for myself when I got here to Hawaii and getting a job though the interval between finding a job since I got here to Hawaii was a bit long. But in the end of the long interval of a wait, it's worth it. :)

The latest Ipod Classic is sold in Silver or Black. I chose Black to be different. Its still a shiny new thing in my hands though I am very keen to get some accessories for it like a protective for starters to minimize the smudges and scratches this little Mp3 and video file playing brick of sorts would incur in my period of usage since I would be using it to kill time while waiting between bus rides, during my work breaks or when I go a road trip with my sis and bro-in-law. It also becomes a handy external data storage device in a pinch to offload stuff on short notice.

I'm still tinkering around with it and its transfer program called ITunes for a better handle on transferring files like MP3s and movies. I also have to get use to programs that will convert vid files to best upload/play them on the Ipod. Still need to put some time in to make it all work to filling up the empty spaces in my new Ipod. More entries to follow after this one when I get time to do it. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Taste of Paprika

Like its namesake, the latest Satoshi Kon directed anime, Paprika, who also directed Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers and TV series Paranoia Agent, happens to have quite a spice to the realm of imagination. The anime was an adaption of a story by Yasitaka Tsutsui which makes uses of his expertise with psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis and dreams are very much the focus in this anime. The story involves the titular Paprika who happens to be spunkier 20-something dream persona of Doctor Atsuko Chiba who makes use of a device called the DC Mini to examine dreams of patients to determine and assess their mental stress and problems. The usage of the device was considered experimental in the time set for the anime. A theft was involved which follows shortly with a waking dream attack on one of the research staff which later spreads to other people. Someone has become a dream terrorist while possessing and exploiting this miraculous therapeutic device. Paprika must do what she can to identify the culprit and stop his tampering with the dreams of people.

Just watched the DVD yesterday and was pretty entertained by its story and the extra features it contains that gives bit moe depth and background regarding its conception to translation into anime format. It was interesting to note that the movie Paprika was considered by Yasitaka Tsutsui as a great piece of metafiction that was derived from his own story. Satoshi Kon went through a long process of building the adaption from scratch without doing a regurgitation of Tsutsui's novel by using the ideas and concepts presented within and let his imagination go to work on it.

The thing about the anime I wanted to note was one piece of music which became quite a fave among the fans of the movie. It was the song used for the opening credits and closing credits titled "The Girl in Byakkoya" (Though on the Soundtrack is called "Parade") performed by Japanese electropop artist Susumu Hirasawa. The music is very upbeat and catchy to listen. It has the right vibe to use with dreams as presented in the anime. It got going enough to download the soundtrack of Paprika to add to my slowly growing collection of MP3s, which I would subsequently migrate to my soon-to-be-purchased Ipod after I saved enough money from my 1st 2 paychecks. The song doesn't get old for me no matter how many times I play it.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

7 Days Later...

Almost like a movie title of 1/4 that of 28 Days Later. It was a crazy rush of feelings and lessons I have to deal with a week after my 37th birthday. I was pretty much facing realities about my job and how things work in this moment that we call life. I have been working 2 weeks at my new job and I get a discussion from my manager about having to shape up in 2 weeks or else I could be relocated to another facility or worse case, laid off. Lesson I realize from those two weeks, I may be over my head in this particular job field and more so that I may not adjust quick enough to compensate for the key rushes that happen for this type of job. I also sense the familiar earmarks of my former call center days in another form and intensity. The difference between those two jobs I mentioned is in terms of the time element for the queue, the call center one has one doing a call in minutes while in fast food it is seconds. Such an irony now I see being in such a business which I could possible be a customer as well.
That moment also got me stewing and pondering about one obvious thing, time is a commodity. It has been a given item of wisdom that time is a precious thing which gets spent at any moment. The thing made me think now how time can or might become a commodity if there has been a way to invest time or moreso a mcguffin element/currency that holds an equal unit of time. Though it would be quite a shadowy new economy given that time is now a commodity. It would be an idea to ponder in the longer run to consider for a story or two.
As to stories, my creative pursuits are pretty much limited to occasional drops or flashes of ideas which barely starts to fill a bucket. My time is pretty much tied up to the commute to and from work, work itself, and then the post-work winddown, which leaves very little else due to the exhaustion and limited access to the computer which I share use with my sister's pc. If I get around to saving enough money to get a computer of my know, then things can possibly turn around in that respect. Of course, it is still a toss-up between a laptop or a desktop computer given limited room to put it here for me to use in my room or in the other rooms.
As of this entry written, I have been doing my job as best I can do without getting myself hurt or making serious mistakes. I hope it counts for something to maintain my employed status.
I'll better move along on to other things besides this serious reality check I have to get in my face from time to time.