Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Stream of Thought Updates

Just plugging away some random text whenever I can here to keep the blog as fresh as possible with whatever text or thoughts comes to mind...

Patterns are indeed changing on account of my current job. I mean sleep pattern is off in which I sleep a bit in the daytime and a bit more in the evening before my shifts starts. I have little else to do during my work week but just commute to work, work, eat, commute for home, sleep and little else in between. Social life of any kind? Zip, zilch, nada, the magic goose egg. Even with my rest days, I still mostly catch up on sleep or have to attend to some errand of importance like my recent annual alien registration fee with the Bureau of Immigration. Outside excuse beside that would be to buying some new DVDs or PS2 games or watching movies on the big screen or on DVD.

Speaking of movies, recently watched Blade Trinity and Kung Fu Hustle. Blade Trinity would come off as the weakest link in all the three movies of the franchise. Kung Fu Hustle is something else to marvel and some future superhero movies should take some hints and cues from it in terms of over-the-top fights and SFX plus the occasional good idea or two in there. Its a fun watch I can vouch for besides other people who have seen it.

Recently got the Dan Brown bug since I took a chance on reading The Da Vinci Code. It pacing for action and conspiracy reminds me a bit of one of my other favorite writers, Matt Reilly. I'll probably bug my sis to buy me the latest Reilly book before she gets here to visit this March.

Since the P3 at home is still incapacitated, I'm already entertaining the idea of doing some guerilla writing as to finishing the task I didn't finish and disappointed a friend in the process as of last year. I just have to muster the courage to ask and talk with him in order to smooth out that major bump on the friendship road.

That's more or less the thoughts I have in my head right now as I write this entry. More stuff to follow soonest. Next time.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Slow turnout of posting...

So sorry. Work at a call center has really kept me very much away from thinking of new things to post.

I am a bit of a slow progressive as evidenced now with my current performance at work. Inching away at getting my metrics into the target zone but not closing the gap fast enough.

The Pentium III at home has really turned for the worst, the hard disk connection is disconnected after an attempt by my brother at cleaning out the spyware infestation in the said comp. Looks like some expensive servicing will be called for to get that computer operational and back in performance shape.

The only things tying me up is work, catching up on sleep from work, occasional buying and playing of new PS2 games, buying and watching DVDs and little much else besides eating and some guerilla reading. Online activity is very much close to zero thanks to the inactivity of the computer.

I'll keep you people posted as to what goes along here in the doghouse. Next time.