Friday, March 09, 2007

Changing Scenery 2nd Time Around

Just decided to put up a parking notice for this blog since the coming weeks would be a matter of preparations and purchase. The last time I changed my scenery was in 2001. It was when I went to the US, where I stayed in Portland, Oregon and then subsequently to Seattle, Washington. This year, I would be leaving this country to be staying with my sister in Hawaii. Yep, off for another shot to try a stake at improving my future.

It was a decision after some noting a few things: my parents aren't getting any younger, the dollar exchange is not favorable for my dad's pension ( I feel the budget cut get into my monthly allowance while I'm unemployed.), how my friends are doing well for themselves and of course, the slow realization that my life needs a jumpstart to secure a decent future to live comfortably as best manageable.

It started off as an offer from my sis to have me go there, get settled and secure a job. The added complication into it was the time frame on account that I'll be an uncle again since my sister is pregnant. I was about to hold off my decision for June but after a misunderstanding with my sis and some convincing with my newfound friend from the Internet, Karen, the option somehow opened up. I had to follow what my bro said when he's in California: Taking a leap of faith.

I have to learn my lessons from my previous stay in the US and what the rumors and reports to my parents were. It will be an entirely new challenge to live with my sis who's rather very frank and direct in her comments and suggestions which is her default behavior, with or without the preganancy.

It'll be another round of adjustment and exploration for me to experience what Hawaii has to offer. Another would be to scoping out the usual suspects: Bookstores, gaming shops, video and music stores, fastfood places and the video game arcades. This might be brief given how unfamiliar I am about the place.

I'll keep you people posted when I'm back to capacity to add entries when I'm there.

Stay tuned as long as you can wait folks.