Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I've been in the process of putting together some "expansion" blogs to cover other concerns I have in mind for it to be placed as appropriate. I also assisted in some measure with a friend's blog recently. I added a new neighbor to my blog. He's a good high school friend of mine. I've already set up two of these so-called expansion blogs elsewhere and another will be up soon. I just need the extra room for it to hold some particular thoughts and ideas in the proper blog.

These expansion blogs I'm building are to address my need to dump other thoughts which I want to store for posterity outside of my doghouse here. I explained to a friend of mine that I better get it out onto a suitable place before the thoughts and ideas degrade or gets dumped out in some way.

Check out these new expansions when you have time. It just adds a bit more to the landscape around the periphery of this doghouse.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Reading from The Land Down Under

"I come from a land down under
Where beer does flow and men chunder
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover."
                 ---"Down Under" - Men At Work

Just recently bought a new book to add to my reading library. It was booked titled "Nylon Angel" by Marianne De Pierres. Its another cyberpunk novel which is set in Australia. It was lauded by critics to be a blend of Mad Max and Dark Angel. The story revolves around Parrish Plessis, who has struggles to survive her job as bodyguard to a crime boss which she loathes and tries to escape his hold. She takes on a number of jobs which would offer her a means to escape her crime boss employer though a number of twists and turns show in the form of double-cross and usual subterfuge for dealing with underworld powerbrokers.

I was about halfway through with the book, it dawned on me that it appears that some of this is the second time I picked up a book written by an Australian. The first time was when I picked up "Ice Station" by Matthew Reilly, which I have subsequently bought his other books since it has over-the-top action sequences which can possibly break the bank if it were faithfully reproduced into an actual Hollywood movie.

I guess the selection of books I have are no longer the pure-strain American variety. American, British, Canadian, Australian, doesn't matter, as long as the story written by them interests me enough in terms of presentation, premise and concept though in no particular priority or order.

I better read on the remainder of Nylon Angel to whet my appetite for more since I also saw a sequel book called "Code Noir" in the bookstore. Better keep on reading... ;)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Behind the driving rain...

Online activity was pretty much at a bare minimum like running a spacecraft with minimum power to operate life support and nothing more. It was a hectic few weeks since I have to monitor communications directed to my email address for my mom as well as relaying inquiries and info through Instant Messenger programs with my sis and bro. Along with that, I have to contend wit h my niece who uses the comp and I-net as her means to communicate with people on a forum boards she frequents and the usual round of netsurfing for the things that interest her, which is basically anything related to Taiwanese boyband 5566 or the premiere Ninja anime, Naruto. Whether it be in the forms of pics, mp3's or movie files, she really starts to occupy a good portion of hard drive space besides the stuff I download from my various trawling sessions when I have my privacy to do whatever I want. My online research efforts for my soon-to-be-launched RPG campaign is slowed by it.

Oh little girl
There are times when I feel
I rather not be
The one behind the wheel

---"Behind The Wheel"
      Depeche Mode

Since my mom has left for Los Angeles last Aug 2 to attend her high school reunion organized and held there, my dad decided its time to dust off those long delayed lessons in driving. So far had only one session behind wheel in the subdivision, after watching "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" from the nearby SM theater in our area last Aug 3. Its much easier to do the footwork with an automatic transmission equipped vehicle compared to the clutch coordination needed for a manual transmission. I'm still shaky being briefly back in the driver seat and I still have to resolve my speed/turning coordination issues when it involves an intersection or corner.

Oh God it's raining
But I'm not complaining
It's filling me up with new life
The stars in the sky
Bring tears to my eyes
They're lighting my way tonight

---"But Not Tonight"
      Depeche Mode

These past few days and nights have to be doused by much rain whether it be the heavy pour or the brief or long duration. That kind of weather pretty much deep six any plans for me to go to Megamall to pick up my reserved copy of the latest NewType USA at Vinnie's shop.

With my mom out of the country and my bro following suit in the coming weeks, I still haven't drafted up yet my wishlist of books for them to buy for me, which happens to be a mix of fiction and sourcebooks (RPG and non-RPG) which I have considered since I missed some of the stuff I bought back during my stay in Seattle in 2001 to 2002. I'll get around to it after prioritizing the stuff I really want to get.

I hope the weather improves by then for me to set out for my procurement mission to Megamall and have a couple more driving sessions or two with my dad.

I have something pretty much in the works which I'll post soon here. It would be part exciting, part fascinating. ^_^