Friday, October 13, 2006

Module Removal and update

Just visited my blog earlier to see if anything needs to be done. I was expecting another round of junk post to my blog's tagboard and then I noticed that it was displaying...something else. The visit to my blog was prompted when I checked a friend's blog for any new posts and noticed his tagboard exhibited the symptom. Made a quick check on the tagboard website and find it to be inoperative since it looks like the service has either had its site subscription expired or suffered from a hack attack. I had to go in and adjust the template to remove the now-defunct tagboard until I get a replacement or other.

Some slight updates and ponderings since I would count this as my first post for the month of October.

October, the month where the holiday Halloween falls under at its last day. The month that evokes a supernatural air which horror and psycho thriller movies would feel more heightened, of course poorly done ones are something else to be amused over. Still making heads or tails whether to steel myself and watch Pulse and possibly Grudge 2. That would also prompt me to play with either Silent Hill: The Room to its completion or some other horror game in my PS2 library like the newly acquired Rule of The Rose which is more psycho thriller for sure or Kuon, a more traditional styled historical supernatural game set in ancient Japan. Decisions, decisions as well as peace of mind.

As to my story idea, I find a thread item in my head to use for it while wandering around at the commercial center or mall near my home. Just got the name of the group or people who are the ones with nano and bio enhancements. They're called CASERS (Cybershell Augmented Specially Enhanced Respondent(s) ). Kinda catchy and also serves to solve my problem what to call them when they mention the twin modes at their disposal with out making it sound pornographic.

Once the story idea item for CASERS move along, it would smooth along the flow for the rest of the story to go. What I am going for the meantime is a get a scene started and its progression to the usual conclusion with the heavy dose of action that I'm a junkie for along with the cool tech factor in it as well.

That's basically it for this current update. Next time. More to follow.