Friday, December 31, 2004

Start of a New Year and looking back at the Last Year

Quite a year that happened for the recent 2004. A lot of stuff happened I would be bewildered to note down in detail. About 2 days before the celebration of New Years Eve, I had to walk along a section Ayala which was sectioned of a street celebration of the event. Walking along Ayala devoid of vehicles is like some eerie location shoot for a zombie movie somewhat like "28 Days Later" or so. Its a lot more freeky than its being empty past midnight or so. Freakiness aside, it was kinda ironic that my shift starts around 1 hour into the start of the 2005. Talk about starting the New Year with work.

It would be a major bit of memory for me to think of the good and bad stuff that happened for me during 2004 but maybe I can elucidate a few things that comes to mind.

Good things:

  • Having a job and getting some spending from it.
  • Meeting new people and making new friends.
  • Getting my monthly fix of NewType USA, supplied by high school buddy Vinnie.
  • Able to buy new books whether fiction or RPG.
  • Able to roam for a bit.
  • Still existing.

Bad things:

  • Having a friendship put on hiatus due to a failure on my part.
  • Not doing well enough in my job due to how fast-paced the call center industry is.
  • Getting the rounds of doubt and depression because of last mentioned item.
  • Not making good on the promises I make or keep due to lack of discipline, stubbornness or some other.

Still a number of things and thoughts to consider while getting this latest entry up.
I just hope and pray that 2005 would be a good year as everyone else has forecasted it to be. More next time.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Updates

Been a while since my last update. Work has kept me much away from formulating new entries to write. Moreso that the home comp is pretty much having major performance issues due to malware infestation and such. I'll have to go about obtaining a utility program which would be of use to implement since I picked up the concept of re-imaging the contents of a hard disk when at work.

Had a bad spill a few days before Christmas Eve, sprained my ankle fierce on the commute to work. Good thing it was short distance from home so med-evac wasn't difficult. Got a call holiday for that but no pay since I'm absent for that day.

The ankle is now feeling a lot better now as I write this update. Also got to finish Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater during my extra day-off caused by the sprained ankle. Metal Gear Solid 3 is definitely a prequel game that sets the foundation for the Metal Gear Universe as to the early life of Big Boss formerly John with no last name who goes by codename of Snake. The game also sets the historical precedents for the creation of Fox-Hound, Ocelot's history of double-crossing and working with outside parties, The evolution and development of Metal Gears and moreso the historical tie-ins of The Patriots to the Philosophers. Quite a game I'd say for the diehard Metal Gear fans.

As to what I got for Christmas from people who gave me gifts, what I got so far was some new handkerchiefs (Something I seldom carry on person), a zippered pouch for a cellphone and the piece de resistance, an Iron Man action figure given to me by my younger brother Ryan. The action figure was really nice for a Shellhead fan like me. ^_^

Other interesting bits of note, I was able to buy a 3-book set containing Halo novelizations to replace that one Halo book I lost recently months ago. It is sure difficult to find replacements for books you lost by sheer accident. Recently bought a 3 DVD set of Robocop (bootleg) in response to my dad buying the 4 DVD set of Superman movies, which I still say that Christopher Reeve's depiction of the Man of Steel is still something to be impressed for comic fans such as myself.

Still thinking away some other stuff when I have time to put thoughts together like a new chapter for the C.S.R. story I've yet to pick up, Character modelling using The Authority RPG system, another project which involves a long faded 1993 project back in my college days with a slightly current twist thanks to the likes of reading Planetary, The Authority and Global Frequency. Though that last item would be a brief one as I just have to construct the story since the elements are already available just a matter of fashioning it into a serviceable frame.

I hope I get up to par with my job in spite not doing well for the ramp-up period. I'll definitely have to plan my options soon enough in case my current call center job doesn't pan out by then around 1st quarter of 2005.

I'll just plug away with my job and other things that keep me sane. More next time.
*Limps back into the doghouse. Snow covers the ground and roof of the doghouse. Smoke escapes from the chimney of the doghouse. Christmas bells jingle in the distance.*

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Another Year in this Dog's life...

Last weekend turned out pretty okay, moreso than usual I would say. Recently turned 34 last Saturday. It was also good thing that it falls on my rest day on my current work sched.

Though my usual dropby and hangout place at CQ Megamall came out a bit dry due to delays in the shipments due to the recent Thanksgiving holidays, I didn't come out empty handed. Many thanks Vince for "The Ultimate Cyberpunk" Anthology book you gave me as a birthday gift. ^_^ I am surprised that the story "Game of Rat and Dragon" by Cordwainer Smith is included in it. Of course, the author's name made me recall that the anime "Serial Experiments Lain" happen to have references to a number of Cordwainer Smith's stories. Strange coincidence indeed.

As far as I can look back on my stay here in this material plane, this gammadog is already cynical and jaded with things. Home life, Employment, The World we live in and a number of things would slowly snuff out the inner flame. That flame inside this metal-shell of a gamma-powered mutt is now just at the intensity of a pilot light for a stove, gas lamp or a flamethrower. Sometimes this flame can flare when a good inspiration would come along, be swept up in the company of other creative types or when a good idea worth tinkering or developing just come across to my attention or out of the blue by prior influences. Of course, it yet to be seen if this gammadog has any more bite as the years marches on. Oh how much I appreciate and envy the specialty and preoccupations of time by my friend Vince. I also much envy and appreciate the artistic talents of my friends Joey, Carl and Ferdie *"Still owe you that piece I know, too tied up with work and sleep dep."*.

As far as to what's going on, I'm still standing and have yet to find a solid direction and directive with my existence. I'll probably find that as I go along further in this existence before my parents says of it being too late.

I'll keep on wandering until I find something that would establish and define me. Next time.