Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Additional update and plans...

Just added a new neighbor to my Neighbors link which you see at the left side of the page and underneath the Tagboard area. She's a former trainer of mine back in my recent call center which I just left. Her name is Kitch Pascual. I added the link since she mentioned it when I recently touched base with her last July 11, which happens to be the last day for the Neil Gaiman book signings. Kitch or 'K' as she contributes to this blogzine lite in which she's one of its contributes along with other freelancers like herself.

The plan I am currently contemplate is the creation of an another blog after checking this one blog link I see on the signature of the forum contributors on Guardians of Order's forum boards. I checked the link and perused its content. After browsing through the entries, it was apparent that it happens to contain the ideas, inspirations and insight of the GameMaster/Storyteller who's fashioning the campaign. The amount of text in it is giving the seed of an idea to go on the same route as well as a form of development journal as to the campaign's progress as well some insider notes from the GM himself. I'll get around to it when I gather sufficient info to construct the world I wanted to be populated by PCs (Player Characters), NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and other extras. It would definite a continuing work in progress.

I'll post more developments and thoughts as their trickle in and accummulate for me to post at the right time and mood to do so.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Waiting The Line

Not so catchy title for this post as to what I'll elaborate next, huh? I just find it what just in light of what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, I woke up at around 5am after coordinating plans with my brother the night before. That day happens to be the last day of having stuff signed in the presence of Neil Gaiman, THE Sandman scribe himself. I got wind of this news months ago from a post on Carl's blog that mentions of this.

I was appraised of the situation by my brother who attended the signing the day before. His assessment was correct that we have to get in early to obtain the coveted numbered stubs to be able to have our stuff signed. The sign-in mechanics have changed within the span of those 3 days as we noticed.

Since there was little in the way of traffic, we made to Gateway Mall at around 5:30ish. We did a preliminary sweep of the perimeter to check if my brother's fears are confirmed. Luckily it wasn't the case. My brother stepped out of the car and ask a mall guard if there was other people who got in and waiting at a specific spot. My brother got back and told me that I have to go inside and secure a spot at what will soon be the start of the line when Neil Gaiman arrives for the sign-in. At the start it was 6 people me and my bro saw who were waiting. Intros were made and conversations follow in short order as to relieve the boredom that's usually associated with these long waiting periods. Hours later, more fans trickled in which lengthens the line.

It was like around noon that Fully Booked, the sign-in sponsor, issued us the awaited numbered stubs. The issuance of these stubs have appeased the hungry hordes of fans who waited in line, myself included since I'm practically starved and my legs needed some movement. Sitting on the floor or standing too long is not exactly fun for one's legs or feet for that matter unless you have very comfy shoes and very good arch support for that matter.

Hunger taken cared of, its a just a matter of killing some time by checking out Gateway Mall and then heading back my place in the line and contacting my brother if there's something shaking going on with regards to progress or notice.

At around 3pm, things were picking as news of Neil Gaiman's arrival is relayed by messages from people within the line that the Writer's Forum at Music Museum in Greenhills have concluded earlier than scheduled. The hordes were getting restless on hearing that bit.

Around past 4pm, Neil Gaiman has entered the bookstore. He said a few words and answered some questions from the crowd. He answered the question of "Why Black?". Neil Gaiman relates this is a manner that his imagination is not diverted by everyday thing or concerns like color coordination for one dressing up in the morning. It kinda makes sense that imagination and creativity would be better channeled to his trade and not tied up by other mundane concerns. He also mentioned that he's planning of writing a story or project called Hellriser wherein two knights, Sir Gawain mentioned, are to go on a quest to save a king who was tattooed onto the back of a demon. He also mentioned that he's utterly fascinated with mythology of all sorts. He has his first taste of it with a book of Egyptian mythology when he was young. He mentioned someone gave him a set of 8 book of Philippine mythology and he mentioned that he never thought of some things that would be presented by Philippine mytholgy, which intrigued him. After a few more brief words he goes back into the bookstore to get set up.

The unexpected obstacle in this adventure is that the dregs from the last two days have appeared and were given priority. Some of us in the line were outraged at this turn of events. I mean we went through this waiting to be delayed more these people who either blew their chance on their day due to some reason or another, or as one person in the line says of them being lazy from the previous and think of getting the upper hand on this day. Regardless of this patience has become a tempered virtue for me since I still feel the effects from my last call center job.

I killed some part of the time by talking to my former trainer Kitch Pascual, a very nice person who is much into Neil Gaiman as I am. Killed a good part of 30 minutes or so and the line picked up to clear out most of the dregs from the last two days. I got back into my place in the line and waited.

5pm or bit past that, our part of the line moved into the hold pattern area before getting to see Neil Gaiman up close and signing our stuff. The normal thought process of a fan would be racing through a number things as well as the detours and switchbacks that occur with regards to questions and formulating any dedication they have in mind and somesuch. I was having such thoughts in my head but they just fade away. I guess my mind must have switch out from "ohmygodiminthepresenceofNeilGaimanwhatdoido?" mode to he's just a like us normal people though in a different sort of way.

My turn came and the books I had signed was "Smoke and Mirrors" and "Don't Panic!" Neil Gaiman was intrigued that I have such a book in my possession. I shook his hand and thanked him. He is a decent likeable guy.

Me and I my bro ended up linking up with the people we waited ian the front of the line or as one called us "Gaiman's 12" which has an apostolic feel to it as well as Clooney movie of a similiar name. This group of people were taking group pictures of us to kill the time and to have memento of the event. ^_^

After saying our goodbyes to them, me and my brother stopped by at Taco Bell for some deserved munchies after such a long haul of waiting and the fast and efficient signing. I had a beef taco and a cheese quesadilla. The taco meat was kinda dry but tasty though the quesadillas was quickly consumed as if in the span of an inhale of breath. My brother recommended the steak quesadillas which I considered to buy as take-out for late evening munching.

Me and brother parted ways and made my way back to home by commute. Ate a bit of dinner and has some TV time before falling asleep by the sleeping dusts of Morpheus himself.

What a day it was to wait in line to see a maker of dreams who inspired others to make their own as well. I'll see about getting my dreams done after this experience.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bowling with the past

Just had a good evening of clean fun yesterday. Met up with a high school batchmate and friend Ronnie at Festival Mall at his invitation for dinner and fun which he's treating for those who made it for this little gathering. The ones who heeded the call were me, Rem, Reuel, Rico. Ronnie brought his brother Jon with him along for the festivities.

We linked up in good time and got to the dinner portion at this pizza and pasta place at Reuel suggestion based on Ronnie specifications. I didn't recall the name of the place we went to but its still in Festival Mall, opposite the Starbucks over there.
While having dinner, parts of the conversation were about some things on the status of some high school batchmates, the high school we graduated from, changes from those days to now and mention of Ronnie's marital woes which he's sticking it out for the sake of his kids.

Listening to Ronnie's marital woes and other tales of parenting pretty much got Rem a round of ribbing from Ronnie since Rem has a girlfriend currently. Listening to what Ron was saying about his marital concerns were an eye-opener for us at the table.

After a round of talking and dinner, we trooped over to Gameworx in the uppermost floor of Festival Mall and voted on going for bowling.

I played a game of bowling before, back around 1998. I went with it and realized now that I pretty much sucked at it. I can attribute it to a number of things but it still comes to it that I'm not in decent form to play a good game. All in all it was an evening of good clean fun.

That evening was a moment of reacquainting some things about the past immediate and way back, thoughts of some things. I had to digest this new round of info based on a few observations and interaction with high school friends.