Friday, April 08, 2005

Powerpuff Girls given a real Japanese makeover

Just checked Bleedman's Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi site and read the messages at the bottom. One entry got the doujinshi's creator, Bleedman, into a tizzy. It is with regards to this item from AnimeNewsNetwork.

Powerpuff Girls Anime Announced (2005-04-02 17:56:08)
Plans for a Powerpuff Girls anime were announced at the Tokyo Animation Fair. A joint venture between Toei Animation, Aniplex, and Cartoon Network, the new project will be tentatively titled "Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z." Posters from the booth can be seen on AV Watch here and here.

The pics on those links above show that the Townsville Trio gained a bit more in many of height, fashion and articulation. :) The girls are more styled in the magical girl tradition of anime. As in magical girl tradition, the girls have signature gimmick weapons. Blossom has a yo-yo, Bubbles has bubble-wand/staff thingie and Buttercup has the appropriately suited mallet. The picture of the mallet do remind of those toy squeaky hammers I used to play with when I was child. I would recall calling it the "piyo-piyo" hammer in some strange recall of memory.

Makes me wonder how the seiyuu, or voice actors be used for the Japanese version. It would possible goes to hear Blossom and Bubbles having more kawaii than usual voices and Buttercup probably having a more butch sounding voice. As to Mojo Jojo, I'm not at all surprised it would of the gruff with a low baritone kind of tone.

Anyways, this is the latest update I can post on some notice I can do. Next time.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Powerpuff Girls reinvented

Checked out this webcomic after reading mention of it on the Guardians of Order gaming forum boards under their Big Eyes Small Mouth RPG section. Took a look in and was very much amazed with the comic.

Its basically a retread of various Cartoon Network characters and few other familiar cartoon characters placed in a different city then what we know them native from. The Powerpuff girls have relocated from Townsville to a new city Megaville. Sinister plans are afoot to eliminate the girls. Some of the characters provide means to advance the story, provide comic relief and sometimes romantic interests.

The webcomic is a doujinshi, or fan comic created by an artist with the moniker bleedman. Pretty great stuff putting a manga-esque or anime-esque slant to the characters. Its also colored too.

It was also interesting to note that there is some serious fallout that happened from the rivalry between Mandark and Dexter, characters from Dexter's Laboratory fame.

To find out more what I speak of, go here to start the story reading from the beginning.