Saturday, May 31, 2008


Just dropping in to leave word about my notice of being unable to post any new stuff for the meantime. Work has really gotten into my creative processes due to the banality of it. Schedule's been shifting a bit to give a regular window of time to get something creative once the other concerns are gone. I'm also preoccupied puttering around with my newly created myspace account at the urging of my coworkers at work. Another e-social site I got on due to coworkers. :) Anyways, I'll post any noteworthy post on this here blog soonest as any major news of import would warrant it. Next time.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Late pumping from Iron :)

Had to wait a week later after the announced release date of my favorite hi-tech hero movie "IRON MAN" due to work schedule concerns, but it was worth it in spades!!!!! I was pretty stoked about this movie from the getgo since I heard of it and then when I was saw the trailer leaked from last year's Comic Con in San Diego which was covered by G4 TV. After watching the movie, I can say that the movie is CFF (Cool, Funny and Fun <- Something I picked up from my niece.).

The movie stars Robert Downey Jr. who plays the titular Iron Man (Creator and overall operator of the suit), Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane (The definitely mentioned "Iron Monger" of the film), Gwyneth Paltrow as "Pepper" Potts and Terrence Howard as James "Rhodey" Rhodes. The movie pretty much follows the origin story for the birth of a hero, his shakedown flight in the use of his newly created technological derived powered, the betrayal by one close to him and finally the climactic showdown between hero and villain. Pretty formulaic plot with a few tweaks.

The movie adapted the Extremis era Iron Man origin with certain liberties to work for movie format. The other bits they made changes to is that Jarvis is relegated to the role of AI for Stark's house and onboard AI assistance for his armor. Technical Jarvis has effectively taken over the role of HOMER for Stark's house and CAD/CAM facilities. The armor very much goes with the classical hardshell approach compared to the more exotic and high tech molecular scale chain mail reinforced by magnetics. The only exotic tech involved to supply the minimum requirement of technobabble is the repulsors and the ARC reactor. Nice touches like the active control surfaces that flex and move for better flight control characteristics. The suit up process has to be robot assisted on account of the heavy metal suit to be placed on him. The standard Iron Man weapon staples of Repulsors (doubling as flight stabilizers) and Uni-Beam were present. The slight extras like flare/chaff dispensers in pop up hip pods and shoulder mounted smart rounds makes it fun for the gadget factor.

The movie was quite a ride for its screening time of 2 hours. Good thing I waited out past the ending credits to catch a token scene which would herald a sequel movie or some other tie-in. Its a scene involving a visit to Stark's home by SHIELD's director Nick Fury played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson himself, complete with eyepatch! That scene seems to be a kicker/tie-in to an Avengers movie. I suspect it would be more in the manner of The Ultimates given how this Iron Man movie is a better handling than the clunkier real-life modelling of the same char in the comic.

All in all it was great comic book movie which does better than others of its kind released to date. Looking forward to more of Shellhead's further adventures in the later installments.