Sunday, October 23, 2005

Uber long blog delays...

Just checked the date on my last entry and realized I skiped September without an entry or two to put in there. :( I do have a long overdue musical meme entry that month since I read it from someone else's blog. It was delayed on account of the formatting called for as well as the appropriate comments to connect to each of the song entries which are familiar to me. This is a hundred songs were talking.

Another consideration for the delay is my recent addiction with MIRC. Mostly just cruising around there for people to talk to that have free time on their hands like I do. Other factors is that my niece is a major blocker in doing any online time when she's around to check her email, connect on YM, check the forum boards she visits and pretty download pictures and other media files. All at the same time.

On a more recent personal note, I'm back on the PS2 wagon again since my PS2 was recently repaired. The PS2 unit was acting uber finicky in reading game discs. Had it sent to the shop to have it checked over. Repair people did the cleaning of the unit and then suggested a recalibration of the reading device itself. Luckily it stops there without resorting to replacement the reader lens for a about half the price of the PS23 at the worst case. Since I got it back in working order, I had a backlog of games to test and place. Back to the never-ending acquisitions for the PS2 library for sure.

I'm nearly done with that music meme entry soon. Just have to tidy up the details and then its ready. Besides that I have a load of other stuff to put together, like my "still under construction" rpg campaign, the fiction piece for my friend's anthology and other stuff. Quite a load to handle, eh? Anyways I better figure things out how to handle the time for all those concerns soon. More to add later on. Next time.