Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still surviving in an unfamiliar place

Its been 5 months or so since I moved here in Hawaii, though I can say that I'm still alive though barely. The job prospects are pretty slim for me to look for but I have to cast aside my fickleness with the job applications. This kinda comes to the fore since I get the monthly or biweekly discussion with my sis about my progress and any issues to be addressed. Those sessions tend to be a major reality check which puts in a rather uncomfortable position though its a necessary one.
I'm pretty much running on fumes as far as financial assets are concerned. The only things that keeps from going stir crazy would be the internet, cable tv and my books. I better think of something soon or another discussion would ensue soon. Inspirations of late are pretty dried out though some inspirations are slowly coming out when I get impassioned from something close to me or field of knowledge. I would have to develop some personal project of note without getting tangled up with my sis on grounds of the "big picture" of this thing called LIFE.
Once I get a cash flow going, I'll have to monitor my spending and exercise more discretion with regards to it as well. With a cash flow going, I can go about getting a social life of the kind to find circles of people to network and exchange.
I guess this post is like a list of things I have to set and go for in the coming months. That's it for now on this post.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Official Iron Man Movie Trailer

Here's the trailer for the Iron Man movie slated for May 2008 release. The clampdown on the trailer leakage from Comic-Con 07 is no longer a concern for those who wanted to see this trailer. Here's the legit trailer for the public to see and wait in awe. :)